Team Monthly Reports

Jared Norris jrnorris at
Tue Nov 9 13:12:33 GMT 2010

Good morning/afternoon/evening Ubuntu-AU'ers,

As part of an item on the agenda it was discussed that we should
probably start documenting our efforts better. To this end I am
working on getting the monthly reports going for our team. Until I am
100% certain of the process I would appreciate if people could just
send emails to the list with details of any event or detail they would
like documented (be this a local community fair you set up a stand, if
you held an installfest or any other event you think remotely sounds
like it could be related to Ubuntu-AU). Where possible if it's an
event please also include a link to some photos so we can include that
in the report. Once I have a better understanding of how it all works
(and how I can repair it if broken) I will be willing to share the
knowledge around.

For now the Ubuntu-AU team reports are at I look forward to
hearing all your stories.


Jared Norris

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