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I did Cert III in IT (Software Applications)through OTEN in 2005. I took
quite some time to complete it as I was Waaaaay remote and had a 24/7
rural business to run.

OTEN were excelent to deal with and I recommend them without fear or
favour. My course was paper based but they are bringing more modules
online all the time.

Depending on what your interests are, Cert III has 2 streams, Software
Applications and Networks. Niether are extremely technical. You may have
to do some "pre-requisite" units from Cert II, or you may be able to RPL
them. (Recognition of Prior Learning, Oten will help you out)

To do Cert IV there are many streams, not all supported by OTEN, and you
will surely have to do some of the pre-requisites from Cert III. I'm away
from home at the moment so I don't have access to all my links, but I'll
catch up on Sunday.

Norm Vk3XCI
Cert III in IT (Software Applications)
Cert IV in Training and Assessing.

> Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.
> I have a question for all you IT people out there. If someone, such as
> myself for example, wanted to retrain for IT what would you recommend
> would be the best way to do this?
> I have had a look at the Cert II, III, and IV and the explanations
> seem really basic but they offer Distance Ed through OTEN. University
> courses look fantastic, until they say you need HSC level Advanced
> Maths, or the equivalent, or you do a University level Maths unit to
> bring you up to speed, which in my case will never happen.
> May I ask what you people did to gain your qualifications? and would
> you do the same thing again or recommend others do it the same way?
> Please note, on campus is not an option for me and probably wont be
> for a while, I do need to be able to study in Distance mode.
> Looking forward to your answers.
> Michael (k3lt01)
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