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Paul Gear paul at libertysys.com.au
Sun Mar 21 22:09:11 GMT 2010

Harrison Conlin wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 11:31 PM, Scott Evans
> <scott at vk7hse.hobby-site.org> wrote:
>> Well IMHO all this could be much easier sorted if the default behaviour
>> of the mailing list was set-up to reply to the list instead of the
>> individual. This is why most simply use reply-to-all option because the
>> action of reply goes direct to the poster thus then whatever one has to
>> say is only seen by the originator of a thread.  Why mailman was set-up
>> this way in the first place has me beat!
>> --
>> Scott Evans <scott at vk7hse.hobby-site.org>
> I really hope this doesn't happen.
> http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html
> http://woozle.org/~neale/papers/reply-to-still-harmful.html
I really hope it does.  The whole "my private message ends up on public
lists" argument is very old & tired by now.  When i join a mailing list
for discussion, i expect the discussion to be the default recipient when
i reply.

I've not yet found a usable mail client which intelligently drops
duplicate messages when people hit reply all and couldn't be bothered
removing the extra addresses.

To whomever is the mailing list administrator: could we please have the
Mailman option that drops duplicate messages turned on?  If we're not
going to have the list address being the default reply address, at least
we could have Mailman remove the duplicates for us...


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