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Michael keltoiboy at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 09:41:48 GMT 2010

Then may I humbly request people only reply via the list and not to my
personal email. My email is visible, I think it is so please correct
me if I am wrong, if anyone needs to send me an email they can do it
without the forum/mailing list. I don't need multiple copies of the
same thing in my mail box.

Thanks for all your replies.
Michael (k3lt01)

On Mar 21, 8:26 pm, Dave Hall <dave.h... at skwashd.com> wrote:
> On Sun, 2010-03-21 at 01:47 -0700, Michael wrote:
> > I am subscribed to the digest, I thought it was part and parcel of
> > joining the mailing list via the Ubuntu site, so I read it when I get
> > the digest email if I don;t gt into th mailing list. However,
> > sometimes I'm also getting subsequent emails that have the same thing
> > as the digest except they are from individuals. Does this happen
> > whenever anyone clicks reply at the bottom or is this a deliberate
> > action (and no I don't think there is anything sinister behind it).
> It is common list etiquette to use reply to all so the poster gets a
> copy of the response to the list.  If someone asks a question and is
> only sub'd using the digest it can take a week to resolve the issue if
> they are only replying to the digest.  Or in my case I can lag several
> days behind in my list mail, whereas if I get CC'd it ends up in my
> inbox and I see it sooner.
> Cheers
> Dave
> PS You'll notice this message it sent to you so you get it right away,
> not just in the digest :)
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