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Michael keltoiboy at
Thu Mar 11 02:09:32 GMT 2010

On Mar 10, 11:06 pm, Melissa Draper <meli... at> wrote:

> Support and promote whatever you like under your own individual auspice,
> but under the Ubuntu flag you really do need to support and promote
> Ubuntu. If you intend to focus on projects outside the repositories and
> instead push which ever unofficial derivative is the flavour of the
> moment, then you're far better off focussing your efforts through
> agnostic groups like LUGs and Linux Australia.
> Melissa Draper

I agree totally. One of the advantages I see in a group like Ubuntu-AU
is its knowledge of the product as it comes from Canonical. If your
going to go to a possible new client about the possibility of them
migrating to Ubuntu you really need to stick with what is available
within Ubuntu. Why? well using my education example much of the
current problem is people downloading and installing programs from
anywhere and everywhere onto NSW DET systems. With Ubuntu you don't
need to do that because by far and large 99.9% of what you will need
is available in the official repositories. Installing programs outside
of the repositories greatly increases security risks.

Michael (k3lt01)

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