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benchen70 benchen70 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 06:48:43 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I am posting this thread in response to the "Increasing Ubuntu-AU
visibility" thread, but I think this needs a separate thread, because
I think what I am about to suggest will  generate some very irrelevant
responses to the original thread. So sorry about the confusion. and
sorry, I am about to stand on a few eggshells. If there are
irreparable cracks, please excuse my young illiterate tongue.

Since a lot of people have asked for action, can we start off by
having an official table or list of people or personnel in the higher
hierachies of Ubuntu-au, so that everyone knows who they are? From the
Ubuntu-AU website, I have no idea who is doing what job in the
community. Like, who is webmaster? Who is the leader? Melissa, sorry,
but the only place I see referenced to yourself as the leader is on
the list of LoCo teams for international Ubuntu. I think we can all
advertise our leadership a bit more ;). Maybe, with Melissa's
permission, I can create a table here, and it will allow people to
fill in some information about their current role within the
organisation, eg, webmaster, leader, co-leader, etc. these positions
may not be formal, but I think that can be a starting reference point.

I  do agree that the website needs improvement. But without knowing
who the webmaster is, who can we ask about what has been done or

There is another benefit to this. Anybody who is enthusiastic to help
on some aspect can directly communicate to the relevant person. What
do you all think?

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