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Karl Bowden wrote:
> On 8 March 2010 22:00, Dave Hall <dave.hall at 
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>     ...
>     > Is this a reasonable list?  Is there a product that fits the bill?
Firstly, thanks to Dave & Karl for their suggestions.  I played with 
reprepro for a few minutes and it seems to do the job.
>     I can't help with the build side of things, all my package building
>     isn't automated. 
What do you use for your package building?  I have been using 
dpkg-buildpackage so far, and it seems to be reasonable once you have 
all the control files set up, although it is a bit clunky sometimes.  
Even though i've been a sold-out Debian/Ubuntu user since 2003, i must 
say that Red Hat make it a lot easier to learn to package in RPM format 
than Debian & Ubuntu do in dpkg format.
>     For the serving of packages I use reprepro and nginx,
>     for info check out the blog post I prepared earlier
>     I think it ticks all the boxes except #6 out of the box, but a quick
>     shell script should help with the archiving bit.  I keep all of my
>     packaging stuff in version control so I don't need to keep old
>     versions
>     kicking around.
I keep all of my stuff in subversion, with tags for each release, but i 
find it easier to keep the built packages than to rebuild from source if 
i want to go back to a previous version.
> I'll second Dave's suggestion of reprepro and nginx.
> The comment at the end of Dave's blog post was mine, and I have since 
> moved from using apache to nginx too.
I've already got a full Apache vhost setup, so i assume that i can keep 
this and there's nothing special about the differences between Apache & 
> I use pbuilder to maintain a few packages for the systems I maintain. 
> From pbuilder I target amd64 & i386, jaunty & karmic. I know pbuilder 
> also supports building to debian targets on the same system too, but 
> have not had a need to try it yet.
I expect to build on Debian lenny amd64 and deploy on karmic & lenny, 
both i386 & amd64.  Does pbuilder help with that?
> From there I debsign the .changes files and import them into reprepro.
Do you use a separate command to bring in the .changes files, or can you 
bring in all the right bits of your packages with one command?  It 
sounds like there is still a lot of manual scripting that needs to take 


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