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     Thanks for a great post, while reading other posts today & agreeing with bits & pieces I am left with questions, after reading this I'm left with questions but the bulk are answered & now think our challenge is to find our identity & forge our goals. Perhaps we need a place for a brain dump & discuss the merits of the ideas placed there.


Dave Hall <dave.hall at> wrote ..
> Hi all,
> Rather than try to find the right place in the thread/s to put this post
> I thought it easiest to start a new thread.
> As a bit of background, I started using ubuntu back in the days of warty
> - when you wouldn't tell your Debian purist friends that had even tried
> it.  I have been hanging around the Australia loco for quite a while (my
> list archive goes back to early 2005, IRC is probably longer).  Over the
> years I have been involved with a few lost cause projects, but I don't
> count the loco in that list - yet.
> I haven't put a lot of resources directly into the loco mainly because
> how things are atm I don't see the point.  
> Even though I reply to support emails here, I don't think the loco
> should be providing support to users, there is the forums for that.  
> The loco should be focused on promotion of ubuntu in the broader
> community.  I don't think promoting Canonical and their services such as
> commercial support or ubuntu one is part of our brief.  We should be
> promoting _ubuntu_ the software which is in the official repos and the
> diverse community built around that software.  I have become
> increasingly frustrated at how shipit is run, but that should probably
> go in another thread.
> I also think the idea of promoting one distro over another is
> problematic and doesn't help the general image of GNU/Linux in the
> community.  For example even though I run *buntu almost exclusively on
> desktop/laptop/netbook machines, I find OpenWRT and Voyage are far
> better for small routers, on complex routers running on x86 kit  pfSense
> is usually the go, for servers, where an existing appliance doesn't fit
> the bill, I decide between Debian and Ubuntu depending on the
> requirements, generally my embedded boxes run Debian.
> I have no problems giving people professional ubuntu desktop CDs and
> encouraging them to install it and see if they like it.  At the same
> time I don't think I'd staff a stand promoting ubuntu.  I prefer to put
> my energy into my LUG and broad FOSS events such as SFD.
> Most of the ubuntu users I know either don't care enough about their OS
> to evangelise it or they are already active in the broader FOSS
> community and invest their energies there.
> So what is the loco's mission? How does it plan to meet it's goal? What
> is the plan?  How does the loco fit with the broader FOSS community in
> Australia?  Why are you involved? What are you willing to put in?  What
> will Canonical do?  Unless you have shared vision and plan there is no
> point in having a committee to oversight it.
> So essentially I am saying "is there a point? if so what is it?" :)
> Cheers
> Dave
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