Governance New Thread!

Michael keltoiboy at
Mon Mar 8 09:13:49 GMT 2010


I'll just add to the "no legals" chorus as it is a waste of time for
such a small gathering and it creates a huge management issue that I
would doubt anyone really wants to deal with, especially considering
the Loco may even lose its "official" recognition.

So with regards to various things stated above I would ask
1. What are Canonical's requirements? Thanks Andrew for pointing out
Goal 1.
2. How can we foster Goal 2 above.

Not knowing the answer to 1 I'll wait for someone with knowledge of
that topic to answer.

With regards to 2 I'll be honest I don't really see any names that I
recognise on the Ubuntu forum. I understand that many have different
nicknames in Ubuntu Forums but I think if Ubuntu-AU members were more
visible in the forums Ubuntu-AU would increase its membership. The
only person I really recognise is StingerAU and that is because he is
quite visible on the forums. It is hard to foster something if people
don't know about it.

I think if I say anymore here it will go way off topic so if I may be
so bold I may start a new thread with my thoughts.

Michael (k3lt01)

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