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Andrew Swinn andrew at
Mon Mar 8 07:58:27 GMT 2010

On 8/03/2010 6:13 PM, Melissa Draper wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-03-08 at 17:45 +1100, Norm, VK3XCI wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I've had a fair bit to do with "committees" over a vast range of involvements,
>> from Radio Clubs to rural Progress Associations and Distance Education parent
>> Committees. All have a couple of things in common. Dissent (is that the word you
>> were looking for Scott?) and egos. From an almost outsider (Lurker!) looking in
>> and still involved in radio club committee, I'll make a few observations.
>> ...The best person for the job usually gravitates there(eventually)
>> ...Extraneous positions are often introduced to sooth bruised egos.
>> ...In an "Inc. Assoc." a degree of formality is required to satisfy the law.
>> ...Excessive formality kills organisations!
>> ...I'm unsure of Ubuntu-au's formal standing; how much "committee" do we need?
> In regards to legal formality... ugh. I really don't want us to go
> there. I really really don't. There's various LUGs around the country
> (at least 2 capital LUGs I'm aware of) who are currently looking to one
> day getting the heck out of the paperwork overhead by dissolving the
> legal orgs.

I'll second that urg! I wouldn't recommend a formal incorporated 
association to anyone, ever. The only reason to do that is if you need a 
bank account and other stuff to manage significant funds. I don't think 
we are even close to that. All we need to do is meet Ubuntu (Canonical) 

A few years ago I might have thought different but now I have been 
involved with numerous local organisations that have all but pushed 
people away through obsessive compulsive procedures (that unfortunately 
are needed for some) I avoid that situation like the plague.

Goal 1: Meet the requirements of Canonical

Goal 2: Foster a community that can organise positive reinforement of 
Ubuntu and it's direction and place in computing.


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