Governance Structure Proposal for Ubuntu-AU

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Mon Mar 8 01:44:48 GMT 2010

On Mon, 2010-03-08 at 11:25 +1100, Andrew Swinn wrote:
> Just a quick 2 cents worth on the whole committee thing.
> I would agree that having an overall president plus a representive from 
> each state would be the way to go.

Linux Australia has gone through this discussion regularly over the
years. The conclusion has always been that it's not feasible. Why? 

Because you have to find, for each state (and territory), someone
actually capable and willing to do the role. In a country like
Australia, that means finding someone from NSW, Vic, QLD, WA, SA, Tas,

> I would also suggest that these state positions could be dual roles with 
> the other needs, ie as well as representing their state/territory 
> interest they could spearhead marketing, or website maintenance etc. The 
> state/territory reps could and should be able to handle organising other 
> facets of what needs to be taken care of as well as being that contact 
> point for their area.

The chances of you getting token folk from each state and then hoping
they can do roles such as this really is not plausible. That's kind of
how we end up with cabinet ministers in Canberra who have a
palin-to-foreign-policy outlook on their portfolios.

> So firstly I think we should organise the first thing, getting a 
> president/leader/whatever put in place plus state reps, then letting 
> those elected/appointed people work on organising the rest.
> One of the big issues with community groups is getting caught up in the 
> politics of it all. Those age old requirements for 
> president/treasurer/minutes/commitees out the wazoo all scare new people 
> away. People are extroadinarily time limited today so keeping it short 
> and simple is what should be focused on.

Once you have a committee you /are/ caught up in the politics. A
committee is political no matter which way you spin it and offices do
have requirements.

> Having state/territory reps that are also involved with local LUGS would 
> also be valuable.
> Andrew
> On 8/03/2010 10:56 AM, AndrewG wrote:
> > Matt&  Benjamin,
> >
> > IMHO.
> >
> > I would propose that the committee be a representative one, being
> > 'one' State leader from each state.
> >
> > Why, because most implementation of Goals of Ubuntu-au will be enacted
> > on at a local level.
> >       Ie.  Exhibition stalls, Install fests, cd distribution  etc.
> >       A 'State' leader would also be a 'Local contact' for interested
> > people wanting to get involved.
> >
> > Sub-committees could also be formed, to deal with 'Marketing
> > resources', 'Website maintenance' etc. on a national level.
> >
> > Also don't forget the various 'LUGS' around the country, they have
> > many resources that could also be utilised.
> >
> >
> > Yes Ben, there would be a process needed to 'Vet' candidates for
> > positions.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Andrew G.
> >
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