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Yes there needs to be a transparent process / structure involved.
Currently there is none of this.


Andrew G.

On Mar 8, 8:27 am, peter baker <jellyw... at gmail.com> wrote:
> melissa said
> While elections are typically how we used to do this back in 2006 when
> > we (both the team and ubuntu in general) were much smaller, it's
> > generally now expected that a meritocratic process be followed -- put a
> > motion to the team participants that the role be passed to the
> > particular someone who has demonstrated they can do it, as opposed to
> > taking random names and choosing who is most popular at the time.
> I don't think that the leader of a community has a right to tell the
> community how the position of leader is created or maintained.  I believe we
> should have regular elections for leader positions within the community to
> ensure that the community remains vibrant/active.
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