Printing buffer Size

Paul Gear paul at
Fri Mar 5 00:31:58 GMT 2010

David Bowskill wrote:
> Dear Ubuntu Users
> I have an HP 1200 laser printer with 72 Mbytes (the maximum) of internal
> memory.
> When printing (especially a large job), I would like to load the
> complete job into the printer memory in one hit.
> How do I achieve this ??
> I am using Ubuntu 9.10

Hi David,

I'm not sure that this is really answering your question (i don't think
you can really control it at the level you're looking for), but if you
browse to on your system, you'll find an
entry for each printer.  Open the link for your HP 1200 and you will get
two drop-down menus.  In the "Administration" drop-down there is "Set
Default Options".  If there is an option in the driver to tell it how
much RAM is installed in your printer, that is where it would likely
be.  (I say "if", because every driver is different, and most drivers
don't have an option for this.)


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