Help adapting poster for aussie use.

MoLE moleonthehill+ubuntu-au at
Fri Jul 23 07:09:34 BST 2010

Afternoon all.

I'd like to do some subtle promotion in my local area (community
nocticeboards etc), so I had a look at the spreadubuntu site, which
has a decent list of resources.

I had my eye on this one, which clearly was made for the ubuntu-uk LoCo.

Unfortunately I am cursed with major FAIL using scribus.  I can't
figure out how to change the text layers.  Given that it supposedly
has a multilingual text layer file, I thought that the best way to do
it would be to add another text layer (en-au) and modify the contact
details to suit our LoCo.

Are there any scribus gurus out there who can point me in the right
direction or help me out?  Obviously this would help all of us who
want to promote ubuntu locally.



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