Geoffrey gcombes4 at
Mon Jan 25 07:17:38 GMT 2010

Open-USB-IO board software
I omitted to explain the ousb file properly. It is not simply a ousb.exe
file. The reference manual calls it a binary file.
Its properties state it as Type: executable (application/x-executable).
My understanding from the instructions is that it works for Linux as
well as Windows (for which, I presume, there is a ousb.exe file). Here
is more information from the reference manual:

This document will explain how to program the board from several levels-
  • A GUI that runs on Windows or Linux*.
  • The Windows or Linux command line.
  • Script file programming, for example Linux BASH or Windows BAT
  • C++ code that runs on the Linux or Windows computer.
  • C code that runs on the ATMEGA32 microprocessor. This is the only
way to get response times above about 1 kHz as USB response times are
about 1 kHz maximum.
Note that Mac versions will be following soon.*

My apologies for being unclear. Never the less your responses are
helpful in explaining Permissions.
Geoffrey Combes  


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