Mozilla Thunderbird transfer from 32 bit to 64 bit

Karl Bowden karlbowden at
Wed Jan 20 11:14:19 GMT 2010

In my experience it would be unusual for any of the application
folders under your home folder not to be platform independent, unless
they were dealing with something execuitable. Most of the time it is
the same code in - in this case - Thunderbird that reads the config
files both on 32 and 64bit, just compiled for a different CPU.

Although I do not use Thunderbird, I do keep my home folder on a
separate partition and have moved between 32 and 64bit Ubuntu a couple
of times over the last couple of years without thinking twice about
weather everything in my home folder will be compatible. 'It just

Enjoy the freedom,

2010/1/20 Mike James <mikej01 at>:
> I am using 64 bit Ubuntu 9.10 and I can tell you that the
> .mozilla-thunderbird directory exists in my users home profile. I cant
> imagine why it might not be compatible, but Im not really an expert on
> the subject either. Im happy to run some tests if you like, but I
> suspect it wont be a problem for you. I use it to connect to my gmail
> account with imap which does all my filtering, storage and contacts on
> the server so I didnt bother to copy my local profile.
> Brian Ross wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I am moving from 32bit Ubuntu to 64 Ubuntu.
>> I aim to continue to use Mozilla Thunderbird for my email.
>> I assume that the Mozilla Thunderbird on my 64bit system will be
>> different from the Mozilla Thunderbird on my current 32bit system.
>> Therefore I assume that I cannot simply just copy my
>> home/.mozilla-thunderbird from my 32bit to my 64bit system.
>> I assume that I will have to start with a fresh new .mozilla-thunderbird
>> directory.
>> Please can you give me some feedback on this.
>> It would be so much easier just to copy that directory from my 32bit
>> system to my 64bit system.
>> Hear from you soon.
>> Thanks for your assistance.
>> Regards
>> Brian Ross
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