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Mon Jan 4 15:05:33 GMT 2010

I use DeVeDe (sudo aptitude install devede) for creating DVDs from video
files (flv, mpeg, avi. etc)


2009/12/27 bryn mitchell <bryn_mitchell at>

> I have a need to turn many hours of digital video tape taken on my
> Panasonic NV-GS400 digital video camera into DVD's and also to store the
> projects in a standards based format (not propriety as with Windows and
> Apple) that does not take up huge disk space (as with AVI).
> I have done some basic investigations into using KINO to capture the video
> and some further investigation into using PITIVI to edit the video clips.
> Unfortunately I have only a short attention span and not enough spare time
> to convert this information into a competent system to create DVD's out of
> the video tape I have.
> I would like to know if this is indeed an appropriate path to be taking or
> if there is more appropriate software (read easier way to do it) available
> to use with UBUNTU to achieve my aims. I have also seen some software called
> DVD-Maker (or something like that) but it seems to be very command line
> oriented and I am just not that familiar with the system.
> What I have had success with is F-SPOT to manage my hundreds of digital
> photo's. It is a great package and I am sure I am not using it to it's full
> potential.
> PS. on another front I can't get VLC to play a DVD in my DELL laptop (the
> DVD player is functional). Any suggestions?
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