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Paul Schulz paul at mawsonlakes.org
Sat Feb 20 02:09:43 GMT 2010

Hi Brett, Norm, (and Hamish if you're on this list), and everyone else.

Brett..thank you for your follow up email.
There is also a good list here:

I would list to follow-up on a couple of things.

I have used GNUCash in the past, and even compiled it up myself on one
occasion. The current version uses 'SQLite' as it's backed. (Think of
the MSAccess JET Engine but implemented properly.) It wouldn't be
impossible to create another front end to GNUCash which made data
entry a lot easier far a particular environment (eg. POS).

The topic of Accounting Software for Linux was raised at the recent
Linux.Conf.Au conference in Wellington New Zealand. It is certainly an
area that could do with some attention.

Jethro Carr of Amberdms (http://www.amberdms.com) was pulling together
interested parties interested in FOSS solutions to accounting


On Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 1:42 AM, Brett <brettmahar at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I need to find business applications that run on Linux.
>> Can someone suggest where I can find suppliers of such apps
>> as:
>> G/L, Inv, POS, Drs, Crs etc
> I am an accountant and have looked in vain for a decent accounting program that runs on linux (I have downloaded and checked about 20 of them). GnuCash is a close as you will get, unless you want to use CRM software.
> If setting up some sort of CRM client/server system is not going to be too big a project for your client, I would recommend going straight to OpenERP or similar, and not bothering with standalone accounting apps.
> One of the few areas where linux cannot match windows!
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