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Fri Aug 6 00:20:56 BST 2010

Hey MoLe,

Your right, they dont have a linux version anymore, although there is still
an old version for linux thats still downloadable (not on their website),
Peter, i suggest you try MoLe's suggestion, although i have no idea if it
will work in WINE or not.

Good Luck!

Ryan Macnish

On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 6:36 AM, MoLE
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> wrote:

> On 6 August 2010 00:36, Ryan Macnish <nisshh.ubuntu at> wrote:
> > Ok, first install the dependancies it lists there, some of which you
> should
> > already have install because of Ubuntu. If you want a system-wide install
> > you need to copy the contents of the tar.bz2 file into the /usr/local/bin
> > directory, if you dont want a system-wide install, just put the contents
> of
> > that file into your home directory.
> >
> Top effort Ryan, and Peter this is the correct way of installing the
> linux version.  I tried to follow Ryan's instructions but it seems the
> linux version is no longer available.  I found this post in the pando
> forums.
> My next step will be to try and install the windows version under Wine
> or Crossover (
> If you are willing to be an advocate for Pando for crossover, they may
> give you free access to their latest versions.  Of you can try the
> latest wine release.
> To help you with managing software like the latest Wine, I would
> recommend ubuntu tweak.
> This program has a nice GUI for managing popular PPA, including the
> latest Wine PPA.
> I will keep the group posted on my progress with this.
> Cheers,
> MoLE
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