Where can I find an online anti-virus that doesn't install on your PC?

mike james mikej01 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 01:32:49 BST 2009

Without admin access to the PC you cant upgrade the antivirus. Chances are
that half of those free virus checkers are themselves virus ridden anyway.
Try using an ubuntu cd and booting it  into the live operating system. This
will run the ubuntu operating system from the cd instead of the hard drive
and avoid the need to use the installed copy of Windows. You might not be
able to save anything, but you might be able to get internet access and try
out a few applications that Ubuntu has to offer.



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> I've got 5 PCs that I'm trying to use to train disadvantaged young
> people. The problem is they are riddled with viruses and a firewall
> blocks me from updating them. The people in charge of maintaining the
> PCs won't fix them or give me the admin password (Win XP) to let me
> install a new or updated antivirus the centre is being shut down in a
> few months.
> If they were working, I could still do a lot with them, so I've been
> looking for a good online virus scan - but they all try to download a
> little .exe onto your PC first, and the settings on the PCs won't
> allow that.
> Suggestions? Solutions? Links?
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