Ubuntu-au Obsolete? or needing a revamp?

Greg McNamara maccamenzies at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 3 12:36:40 BST 2009

I'm up for any of the suggestions. I use Twitter which is good for updates and URL or info. I'm in Perth so local meets will always be a problem unless sufficient numbers. But I'm up for helping where I can guys gals  

> Subject: Re: Ubuntu-au Obsolete? or needing a revamp?
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> Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 20:51:15 +0930
> Hi Scott,
> I've been thinking about this for a while and i'm still not sure what we
> can do of what we can do.
> First thing we need to work out what we are here for.
> Are we here just as a mailing list/irc room for anyone who wanders in?
> That is something that is relatively easy to do and does not have a huge
> amount of overhead. This is what we are currently doing and is working
> fine if that is all we want to do but we could do more.
> We have some problems that many loco's don't have. We are a big country
> and we are not all in the same place. From what i can see most of the
> active loco's are in a narrower area ie just a state in the usa where
> there are a lot of people that can meet up.
> I don't think we can become a lug and all meet up and talk about ubuntu.
> many it appears that most of the people that hang out in irc are from
> sydney and it might work there but not nation wide. I'd be happy to do
> something if we all meet up at things like linux.conf.au or osdc (i
> should go to that atleast once) and i think we should atleast go out to
> dinner at linux.conf.au, depending on how many are coming i'd be happy
> to pay for peoples drinks or meals.
> We probably are not that big but feel free to speak up. To do anything
> we need someone to think up an idea and then someone to do it. Feel free
> to make a suggestion. We probably have a lot of people here with the
> time and ability but not the ideas.
> I don't think we talk enough. We don't seem to have any developers on
> this list, if we do please post a message on what project you are
> working on. We should also share what we are doing as users. I've seen
> some chatter about google wave in irc, how is that progressing for
> example. 
> I sit in irc most days. irc is great if you know someone but horrible if
> you don't and it can take some time to get to know people there. We do
> get quite a bit of people joining #ubuntu-au, asking a question and
> leaving within a minute. it is kind of frustrating when it happens.
> there have been many times when someone will join, ask a question and
> leave before you are able to finish typing a hello message. 
> Now i've spent far too long rambling about some of the problems what
> could we do?
> Well we have a planet which is good. We could try and make an effort to
> write something useful on there, anyone got any good tips etc? it is
> something we are doing but we could do more. It's probably not something
> that i'm going to do but if i have anything interesting to share i'll do
> it.
> Do we have a facebook group, twitter handles etc. i'm identi.ca/dns but
> i do not say a lot there.
> How do you find out about us?
> I've been an ubuntu user since neerly the start and had not bother
> joining a loco. I've known about loco's for a while but never got around
> to it.
> Do you guys mention it at lug meetings etc? a little bit of word of
> mouth will probably help.
> I'm going to start a linux australia podcast (if anyone replies to my
> message). if you want to bring back the ubuntu podcast i'd be happy to
> help.
> Hopefully you have read all my rambling and we are waiting on your ideas
> and suggestions.
> Regards,
> Daniel
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