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Sun Sep 27 09:17:23 BST 2009

2009/9/27 dopey dora <jessiescott1 at>:
> I have followed all the tips I have found posted - thank you for the
> excellent work done by all - learnt so much - have installed Ubuntu &
> been in & done the Thunderbird thing for the emails, ethernet adapter
> wireless network connection info  & settings - tried to run nm-applet
> but get it into the panel system tray, can't find it or network
> manager info in search - spent hours reading all I can find -so
> frustrating - can someone take pity please and tell me what else I
> need to do?


I am little confused, what is the problem you having exactly?  To me
it sounds like you don't have Network manager installed if you can't
find it, as it should show up on the panel.

Are you running Gnome or KDE desktop environment?  The more info you
can supply the better for us to help you :-)

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