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Sun Sep 20 04:34:04 BST 2009

2009/9/19 The Bronze <braddanvip at>:
> I have been here 15 minutes but have noticed that this site has fallen
> behind. All the dates on the front page are months behind.
> Whats the go?
> Someone at some stage had a vision. What i think you need is that
> someone to come back or another person to puck up and carry on that
> vision.
> The Bronze.


Yes there has been not a lot happening in the Ubuntu LoCo, this is due
to many factors of people having other commitments, or not the spare
time etc to put the time into the LoCo.  I know Melissa Draper our
current LoCo leader is very busy with other stuff person / work

If you want to get stuff going cause you got the time to do the job,
talk to us all on the mail list here about what you have to offer and
your ideas. you never know you might start to put some enthusiasm back
into the group.

Also a lot of us are on IRC on the freenode[1] network in the channel
#ubuntu-au and a general chat channel #ubuntu-au-chat  so you more
than welcome to join us there.


[IRC] #southern-vales.lug on
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