Ubuntu-au Obsolete? or needing a revamp?

dean deanubuntu at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 04:22:14 BST 2009

Is there an Australian LoCo irc channel?


Dale wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am from Adelaide, and for me to getting to physical meetings it
> about a 80Km round trip, and when I move soon to the other side of
> town to the country it going to be a ~100Km round, hence this makes it
> hard to do meetings.  Also at the new place I will not be on the
> internet as often as I will be connected via GSM as there no ADSL up
> there at the moment.
> At the moment I try my best to help out on IRC and the mailing list
> when possible.  To the point of using facebook / twitter etc, they
> sound good and all but some of use may / will not probably wish to use
> them services.  I think the best thing to maybe do is promote the use
> of the mail list and IRC channel(s) more for people to use, and keep
> the confusion to a minimum for everyone.
> my 2 cents worth
> Regards
> Dale

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