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> try mt-daapd.

Thanks; I'm using Mediatomb at the moment which is working at the moment
and (when looking in Synaptic) seemed the easiest to get going. It
wasn't actually that easy, certainly not as easy as Tangerine, but at
least I've got my DNLA going :-)

Oh BTW while I've got your attention, an earlier poster said they didn't
like the notifications because you can't click on them to get rid of
them. Well, I like them because they don't demand that you act on them.
With the old notifications, I always got annoyed at "having to" click
the X to close them (yes, they did time-out, but it felt like I had to
close them). With the new notifications, there's nothing you can do, but
they stay out of your way at least and they look pretty - which means I
don't have the urge to close them as soon as they appear.

Does that make sense? I feel less annoyed at the appearance of a
notification when you can't get rid of it, than when you can.

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