Creating A Linux Disro - Need Programmers, Disginers etc!

Dave Hall dave.hall at
Sat Nov 14 23:17:14 GMT 2009

On Sat, 2009-11-14 at 09:04 -0800, Skythra wrote:
> Yeah i'll be unsubscribing from this mailing list after reading this
> particular topic. This is a community bent on some form of elitism for
> god knows what purpose. Justify it how you may, I feel repulsed by
> people's responses here.
> I'm not agreeing with the opening poster or his methods, but lets
> break down some people here:
> Dave Hall - A person who clearly never ever considered ever helping
> out on this project went on to criticize it. Why? God knows. He found
> points he didn't like and made them out to be critical flaws. If the
> conditions don't suit you, just don't do it. You don't need to go on
> some self gratified justification about how much better your time is
> worth then contributing. And he snidely ends in "good luck".

Who lent you a high horse to go riding on?  You know nothing about me,
my background, my business, my motivations or almost a decade worth of
contributions I have made to the the free/open source software movement.

For the record, I was genuinely interested in seeing what Julius came up
with.  I am always looking for new opportunities, which is why I have
been on the road for more than half of the last 8 months.  I was
actually expecting more than a short docx and a "wireframe" drawn in MS
paint.  I sent my comments privately in response to a private email to
Julius then noticed he had posted it here too, so I felt that it was
worthwhile to participate in the discussion here.

> Anyway i know i havn't exactly given a lot so you're probably not sad
> to see me go, but on the other hand I feel terrible about sharing the
> good word about ubuntu and suggesting to others to join in, even so
> far as to install it on both parents PC's and laptops, my significant
> others laptop and several friends PCs. I'm loathe to think about them
> becoming involved in this community, which has a superior "apple"
> feeling.

Most end users of software don't become involved in "the community",
they are consumers of products.  They don't lose sleep about when the
developers will get to their bug report, they just want software that
works.  The vast majority of Windows users don't report bugs, join
mailing lists or forums - they just use the software and silently give
up or move on when it doesn't do what they want.  I have lost count of
the number of people I have converted to using FOSS, either an app here
or there or whole office migrations.

Yes the ubuntu code of conduct is a great thing, but I think some people
also need to accept that robust debate is part of being part of a
community.  The CoC is not about everyone living in fantasyland, the
happiest kingdom of them all, it is about people working together in an
environment of mutual respect.  I am getting a bit sick of the people
who are too gutless to use their _real and full names_ on this list, yet
feel it is acceptable bang on about how awful ubuntu/the community is.
Respect is a 2 way street!



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