Help with Graphics Problem on New Machine using Koala

Paul Gear paul at
Thu Nov 12 08:24:49 GMT 2009

OPM595 wrote:
> My problem precisely is that I can not get a screen resolution other then
> 800 x 600. On a 19" monitor, this is a real headache.
> In Preferences > Display there is nothing detected and the only display
> size listed to choose from is 800 x 600.
> Anyway, I think this thing has caused enough stress. And for what ever the
> problem is I'm not too confident I'll discover an easy fix for it. I think
> the best bet now, is to leave it at that and just buy a compatible card.

One thing you need to do is make sure your monitor is turned on and
attached when the machine boots. If not, it will not be detected
correctly and will give you incorrect resolutions.

But i second what the other guys say - if you can't get an Intel card
working, you're having a bad day.  They have the BEST Linux driver support.


P.S.  Back in the bad old days when my motherboard was too new (and the
drivers weren't recent enough), i whacked in a $38 PCIe ATI X300 and it
worked perfectly on the free drivers.

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