Help with Graphics Problem on New Machine using Koala

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Wed Nov 11 04:51:11 GMT 2009

On 11 Nov, 10:24, "OPM595" <opm... at> wrote:
> Hi Guy's,
> I did post this to the main forums, but been a bit light  on replies. So
> thought I'd just pass it bye the list, hoping to get a bit of advice, if
> possible, from the smart, good-looking and intelligent Ubuntu users here.
> :)
> I have just purchased a new machine with an ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard
> and installed Koala 9.10 amd64. The Alt ISO image installed fine, and
> everything seems Ok except my graphics resolution, which has the only
> single option of 800 x 600.
> There is a longer version to my story, but to cut it short; I purchased
> the machine off Ebay, advertised as having a Nvidia Geforce 7050 VGA
> inside, which is, according to my research, Ubuntu happy. It didn't (have
> the Nvidia GeForce), and surprisingly the seller has all but left for
> Brazil. Talk about Caveat Emptor, and that which is said of deals too good
> to be true. Guess I'll never learn.
> Anyway, should I just bite the bullet on this and just purchase a
> compatible graphics board, or is there another solution?
> Any advice or suggestions on this would be very much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> rob
Good day Rob

I assume you have loaded up the drivers
if not this one may help  came out I think about Aug/sept

same kit on another machine here Asus board  Intel 8400 chipset
with same card as you difference however,is running 32 bit

So looked up the 64 bit version for you above

Oh, one more thing I found I had to reload twice for some reason the
samsung screen install disk  ?
now its fine  running tyhe syncmaster 2243 on that older box

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