Help with Graphics Problem on New Machine using Koala

Callan Davies callan at
Wed Nov 11 03:59:57 GMT 2009

> Well, you didn't mention what is actually in the box? What sort of
> graphics driver does it have? None? Integrated? If integrated, what
> chipset is it? Most integrated graphics cards are made by Intel, which
> is very Linux friendly. 


Just regarding the above, in case you don't know, go to terminal, 
maximise the screen, and type in 'lspci' then enter.

This should give you an indication of what is in your machine. For 
example mine here says ....

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated 
Graphics Controller (rev 02)

Either way, my advice is going to be - new graphics card. I've built 
several machines now and just picked any random nVidia card from a name 
brand, something decent but not super high-end, and they have always 
worked 100%.

All the best


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