My experience with Ubuntu...not great

Daniel Mons daniel.mons at
Mon Nov 9 04:07:35 GMT 2009

Microbe wrote:
> I have no problem with Ubuntu or Linux as such, my issue was that
> Ubuntu in particular is being touted as a windows replacement.

By whom?

Ubuntu is not designed to "replace Windows".  No Linux distribution is.
 I think you'll find that when it comes to development of Linux, the
people actually writing the code generally aren't doing it to replace
some other bit of software, but rather just because they are interested
in developing their own system for their own needs.

Objectively speaking, if you don't like Ubuntu you have two choices:

1) Assist in it's improvement (this can come in all shapes and sizes:
coding, testing, constructive criticism)

2) Stop using it.

Note in (1) the use of the word "constructive".  An important point.
Throwing around phrases like "just for geeks" and "not recommending it"
aren't constructive criticism.  Instead, jump on Launchpad, create an
account, and start listing the problems you are having and what you
think a better way of doing things are.

Particularly when it comes to small/annoying issues with the user
interface, the "100 papercuts" project is something you should look at:

If all of that is not your cup of tea (and that's fine if it's not -
some people would rather do other things than assist in software
development and that's OK), then feel free to quietly walk away.

Fly-by insults being flung at the Ubuntu-AU mailing list is not the way
to assist anyone at anything ever.  Nor is it a way to gain sympathisers
to your issues if at some point in the future you want help.


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