My experience with Ubuntu...not great

Microbe xxxmicrobexxx at
Mon Nov 9 03:32:19 GMT 2009

Finally I have gotten it all working after a lot of frustration and
experimentation.  But that was my point really.

I have no problem with Ubuntu or Linux as such, my issue was that
Ubuntu in particular is being touted as a windows replacement.

To be successful at that everything has to be REALLY easy for the
mugs.  Being the local geek, I do family and friends tech support so I
know how little people really know.  They want it to work out of the
box.  If they install something e.g. skype, their experience and
expectation is a click or three and it is done.

In this case it was pretty much a nightmare, but as I say to people
"you only learn by doing it" so I persevered and through a few hints
(but no real answer) in the right direction, I solved the problem.

It ended up that the key was to be at a command prompt and use
"aptitude install" but I had to figure to add sudo in front and then
trial and error gave me package names.

Adding audio codecs was similar.  Each time I tried to play something
new I had to go get the codec and the process, while not difficult for
someone with geekiness, was not intuitive.

Actually, I think the root of the problem was that nowhere was there
advice to reload repositories in the synaptic program manager.  That
seemed to be something that made the difference ultimately...I
think :P

Anyway, where I was about at the point of giving up, I now have Ubuntu
running pretty much as I want it...for a shed :)  I figured how to
start firefox on boot, straight to my favourite online radio
( and skype is good so I am happy.

Thanks to everyone who made a suggestion and to the trolls, I assume
you look like one as well :)

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