10 useful yhings to do after installing Karmic

Paul Gear paul at libertysys.com.au
Thu Nov 5 09:46:24 GMT 2009

Dave Hall wrote:
> ...
>> That was an interesting read.  I have to say that for my laptop (a Dell 
>> Latitude D830) on jaunty (i haven't upgraded yet), i found #2 
>> (installing the proprietary driver for my NVIDIA graphics card) 
>> essential.  If i didn't, dual screen never worked, and neither did power 
>> management.
> I have a dell d830 as well.  I went with the intel video card.  I have
> full compiz running without any problems.  I have found karmic is pretty
> good on my laptop.  I have dual screens working without a problem,
> either in the d-dock, with a projector or external LCD.  Dual 1920x1200
> with wobbly windows is always nice :)

Sounds like the way to go - tried any games needing 3D acceleration?  I
play a lot of games with my kids - they love playing Spring RTS and
Runescape MMORPG, both of which seem to eat video cards for breakfast,
and no matter how good a machine i throw at them, it never seems to be
enough.  I'd be a bit concerned that the Intel card wouldn't have the
raw grunt to handle those sort of things.


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