Sound problems in easypeasy

Andre Mangan andremangan at
Thu Nov 5 07:27:35 GMT 2009

Hello Dunc,

EasyPeasy does not have the blessing of Canonical, Ubuntu's parent.  It is
merely based on Ubuntu.

You will have to ask the EasyPeasy folk for assistance:

Alternatively, you can download Ubuntu NBR (Netbook Remix) from this URL:


2009/11/5 Dunc <duncandyumi at>

> I am a 69 year old new pc user and have just installed EasyPeasy on my
> Toshiba netbook.
> The new system works fine except for sound, I have no sound whatsoever
> and I am having
> big problems trying to get it right. Have read a few forums but seem a
> bit technical for me,
> is there any easy solution to this problem ?, anyone have any
> suggestions ? (keep it clean please)
> Dunc
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