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Hello Geoffrey

As the other posters have mentione very little need
Although there is a belt and braces approach I have at times
called clamav

If you go into synaptic and enter virus  in the search box

a few apps come up in addition to clamav
You may wish to google clamav first  to get some overviews and or

The tip about NO script   imo is a must   and available as an add on
from within firefox
welcome to freedom    although I have dual boot  with xp  because
employer says must have windows :)


On Nov 3, 10:03 am, Geoffrey <gcomb... at bigpond.com> wrote:
> I am a new (2009) user of Ubuntu and I now have an excellent list of
> applications making me almost independent of MS Windows. Hooray!
> For MS Windows I use a purchased Anti-virus program (AVG). As my use of
> the Internet rarely strays into less secure web sites I don't seem to
> have a problem with viruses. I scan regularly with AVG of course.
> However I don't have an anti-virus program for Ubuntu. Of course I could
> use MS Windows for the Internet but, as I am using Ubuntu as a rule,
> switching is inconvenient.
> I seek the views of members on the need for virus protection using
> Ubuntu, and, therefore, any recommended action that I should take.
> Thanks,
> Geoffrey
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