linux freezes viewing youtube in firefox

Daniel Mons daniel.mons at
Tue Nov 3 05:34:17 GMT 2009

Steve Justin wrote:
> sorry i am not including any specifics here as yet but..
> when using ubuntu Linux, i got freezes while viewing youtube in firefox.
> everything totaly locked up.
> Just wondering has anyone else seen this? is there a way to send a dump, after hard reboot to see what caused it?. this happened to me twice in 2 months.

Some questions to narrow it down:

* What version of Ubuntu?
* Which flash player, and what version (GNASH, Adobe Flash plugin, etc)?
* Which version of Firefox?
* What's your video card
* Do you know which drivers for your card you are using (drivers
included by default, or the proprietary drivers if it's a card like
Nvidia or ATI)?
* If you are running a 3D card and Flash 10, do you have OpenGL
acceleration enabled within Flash?  (Right-click anything flash in
Firefox, and click "Settings..."
* Are you running a 3D desktop (Compiz, KWIN, etc)?

If/when it happens, are you able to break out of X (CTRL+ALT+F1)?  If
so, log into the shell there and type "dmesg" to try and get a dump out
of what the kernel is doing.  Also check /var/log/syslog and
/var/log/dmesg for anything suspicious.


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