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On Wed, 2009-03-18 at 07:19 +1100, David Ryder wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm after a notebooks which I will only put Ubuntu (8+) on. I want the
> internet camera and mic built in (Ekiga, Skype).
> I went to JB Hi-Fi and Powerhouse yesterday. To my amazement, I was told
> that all notebooks will take linux perfectly (as in "no problems") and
> one said he uses Ubuntu on 'several' without a problem - though he
> needed his brother-in-law to install it.
> Neither would accept my offer of "I will buy it if you guarantee my
> money back if it does not work with Ubuntu (8.04). They would not as
> they then said "They were made to work with Windows XP/Vista".
> My second question was, do any have dual monitor outputs? No. OK, it was
> a like-to-have, not a necessity.
> So, I ask the list, is it true that all notebooks will work with Ubuntu
> 8.04 (+?) including the camera, mic, Skype for Ubuntu, Ekiga, ethernet
> adapter to my router, Seagate FreeAgent 500 usb drive, wi-fi internet??
> Apologies for asking but I was under the impression notebooks were not
> so simple?
> David

Hi David,

my experience with my Toschiba Satellite P100 where bad in the

With 7.10 it took me a week (evenings) of reading and tinkering until I
made the sound work properly (the new audio chipset together with a
faulty ACPI setting did not work out of the box).

Even today I can't use the build in fingerprint reader or activate the
bluetooth module. Don't get me wrong, by now I've read How-Tos on every
aspect of the machine and how to get it working and under 8.10 the sound
works out of the box.

So (my) bottom line is with a brand new notebook and Ubuntu 8.04 you
might need to get your hands a bit dirty to get thinks working. A common
rule sais that new notebook hardware takes 6 months to be reasonable
supported by Linux (list, is that correct or did I remembered it

I'd suggest the live CD test in the shop, that way you can spot the
mayor glitches.

good luck,

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