Vmware on 64bit ubuntu

Harrison Conlin me at harrisony.com
Mon Mar 16 07:31:56 GMT 2009

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 6:06 PM, Dave Hall <dave.hall at skwashd.com> wrote:
> I would recommend virtualbox instead.  It is free software (as in
> speech) and works well.  It works with more than 4G of RAM too.  As for
> vmware workstation. I don't have any real vmware experience, I run
> virtualbox on the desktop and KVM in server environments - and most of
> my VMs run on servers.

+1 There are so many good open source virtualisation tools out there I
don't see why you would need to use a proprietary solution.
I've had no issues with xen and kvm 64bit (using virt-manager and
without). If they want to make a virtual test environment with
separate networks for different groups, virt-manager makes it really
easy to do and works well

Harrison Conlin

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