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On Mon, 2009-03-16 at 18:14 +1100, Dave Hall wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-03-16 at 14:46 +1100, Sebastian wrote:
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> > I thought about this a bit and while I wanted to give my mum the
> > latest bling of jaunty I honestly don't think she will care that much.
> > 
> > So 8.10 it will be - at some stage she will need to upgrade to a new
> > release... maybe to 9.10?
> If you want to give her something solid and won't require upgrading so
> regularly, throw hardy (8.04LTS) at her.  LTS releases are supported for
> 3 years and have longer release cycles.  Wait for the .1LTS release to
> dodge the nasty bugs that seem to creep in at the end of an ubuntu
> release cycle.

Indeed, thats what I thought as well after I wrote the last post :-)

> > I will make sure here home is on a separate partition and I set up
> > some backup routine for her... maybe simply a dropbox 'mirror'.
> Given what has happened recently with ma.gnolia and some blog platform,
> I wouldn't trust cloud solutions as your only backup option.  If they go
> under or stuff something up, she doesn't know about and then something
> happens, she is left with nothing.  I would suggest having some
> redundancy of providers if you wish to go down this road.

I know that you should not rely on the free services as they can stop
their service any time without reason.

So I though I get her a (cheap) 4 gig usb dongle which will go on the
back of her computer. Then I set up sbackup which I quite like to backup
~ /etc and ? on a regular basis.

sbackup comes with automatic deletion of old backups and given the fact
that she wont store much music or pictures the backups could go back a
long time b4 they are deleted. On top of this I can still setup dropbox.

What do you think?

> > Regarding the ISP, yes I'd agree that the free quota for the updates
> > is very cool. But last time I checked Internode or iinet where either
> > pricey to change to or not available where I live (the exchanges
> > around me have all already the faster DSL only Narrabeen not...)
> Internode have the largest number of ADSL2+ dslams of any ISP.  I don't
> know about your mum's situation, but most of my family is more than
> happy with 512/128 from internode for $40 per month.  I can't see that
> being considered pricey when you look at what you get for your money.
> With ISPs I have found it is a case of cheap, reliable, good customer
> service - pick 2.

As replied to Barry I will look into this again. Last time I checked the
cost for me to switch was quite high



> Cheers
> Dave

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