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To the demi-gods behind Ubuntu.

Just to let you know, you have another Windows user converted. For years
I've used Windows, struggling to keep an older version until it became
obsolete, then wincing as my computer bent under the bloated coding of
new version. I was watching Vista getting closer and closer, wondering,
'Does it hurt to die? I'll find out soon enough.'
Then... WHAM! My poor old hard drive gave out, and I was left aghast.
was half my life, right there. Gone. Dead.
Ok, ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But it was rather annoying. I
fished out another hard drive (Which, curiously, turned out to have
the gigabytes of my last one), installed Ubuntu 8.04 and.....
Well, the first few minutes weren't so exciting. My graphics card was
playing up, so everything was (And still is) tinted a slight blue. The
network was a pain to join, although not nearly as much as I expected,
as I
was joining a network with a Windows computer. I couldn't find a
manager anywhere, and it was a little bit dull. It looked a bit too much
like a Windows clone. I amused myself by looking at the screensavers, of
which I must compliment you on collecting so many awesome ones. (I'm
currently using Galaxy, and can sit there for several minutes before
to keep doing what I was doing.)
Then I got the network working, started the update, and realised just
great Linux is. Windows update takes 4 hours, takes 99% of your memory,
resets your computer without warning, and you get a service pack about
every 2 years. Linux updates everything on the system, gets on with the
in the background, and leaves you alone.
On top of that, everything is so... compatible. I was worried that
(Being a
less supported  O/S) I would have trouble installing drivers for
and even more trouble finding Linux-compatible commercial games. My
were unfounded. I've been looking around and most of my favorites are
already Linux compatible. And if they aren't? I just heard of an
called WINE, which apparently recreates Windows libraries under Linux
coding, allowing Windows apps to run under Linux, including the Half
series and the client, Steam! That's fantastic!
And for any disbelieving Windows fans reading this, I must quote on of
gods of motoring, Jeremy Clarkson, after driving an electric sports car
actually liked.

> 'Yes, this just in: It is snowing in hell!'
I'm really, really enjoying this. Open source, free, comes with a cute
penguin mascot and a ton of free programs, from which I can pick and
Why does anyone buy anything else?

One thing though. In your next release, include SuperTuxKart in the



It's always good to hear of another fellow user jumping on board the
linux train. And welcome to Ubuntu mate.

I thought it might be worth noting to you though to not get too
over-excited regarding your applications/game working with WINE. I've
done this in the past and have been disappointed a few times. I'm very
cautious now when trying a Windows application for the first time in
WINE and I certainly don't have any expectations anymore. And as you'll
discover with more experience, some will work and some will not. But
yes, be sure to try them out.

Personally, it doesn't really bother me anymore if they don't work
because I still have a Windows XP system and a Windows 7 system. So it's
always good to have a reliable working Windows system to fall-back on
when an application doesn't work in WINE.

Anyway, good luck. And enjoy linux and Ubuntu.


Chris Jones <chrisjones at>

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