permission modification mysteries

James Collier james.collier412 at
Tue Mar 3 14:36:53 GMT 2009

Hi Tom,
> > I want to change world/other access from read and write to just read
> > the owner is root i have tryed with sudo nautilus and using
> Please dont use nautilus with sudo - for that matter, dont use any GUI
> app with sudo. use gksu or kdesu (as apropriate)
> > properties to change the files
> > 
> > ps: I am using a NTFS formated drive

NTFS doesn't store POSIX permissions, although
the ntfs-3g FUSE driver can approximate them. This may be nothing to do
with your problem but for more info see:

Karl's advice is good: don't use NTFS.

James C

P.S. Apologies for misdirecting to you Karl

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Started: Wed Mar 4 01:25:51 EST 2009

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