Ubuntu Open Office Database

Geoffrey gcombes4 at bigpond.com
Thu Jun 25 06:31:17 BST 2009

I am using Ubuntu 9.04, with which I would like to keep a few database
tables with the ability to query and manipulate data.
The help file in Open Office Calc refers to an associated database
called 'Base' stating that the Database Wizard could create a database
file. However the File Menu has no reference to Database. Evidently it
needs a database engine, and the Database Wizard gives a choice.
Q: How do I go about providing a database engine for access via Calc and
which one is best used in Ubuntu? Note that I intend creating a database
from scratch rather than importing data from another source (such as
Paradox, for which I have a version).  

Geoffrey <gcombes4 at bigpond.com>

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