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Cary Bielenberg cary at bielenberg.id.au
Sat Jun 20 22:35:41 BST 2009

Tim Neill wrote:
> You can install a non-legit copy and register it later with the legit 
> cd-key
> Or as Morgan said, run D1 and D2 using Wine
> 2009/6/20 Rob Farquhar <imagines at bigpond.net.au 
> <mailto:imagines at bigpond.net.au>>
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>     > Sat, 20 Jun 2009 19:57:05 +1000
>     > Rob,
>     > It is advisable to have windows installed 1st as Ubuntu will write a
>     > boot manager in the master boot record for all operating systems.
>     > Windows will blow it away & only allow access to Windows &
>     nothing else.
>     > You can recreate the grub menu but it is a long winded process .
>     Hmm. Thanks, Cary. Prob is that the earliest we're likely to get a
>     copy
>     of XP is next weekend, and I don't want to leave David without for
>     that
>     long.
>     Still, if it comes to it I can back any Ubuntu files up,
>     repartition and
>     reformat the HDD, put XP on and then reinstall Ubuntu.
>     Another issue that's come up with my PC, though, is that my sound card
>     doesn't seem to be working under Ubuntu. 9.04 recognises my Audigy 4
>     card; I can see it as an option in the drop-down boxes under System >
>     Preferences > Sound. Still, I have no system sounds and pressing the
>     "Test" box comes up empty. And yes, the speakers are on and connected.
>     Any suggestions, folks?
>     Thanks in advance,
>     Rob
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        I'm a level 3 network administrator & I support both Windows & 
Linux servers in my job. My preference is to run Windows in a session 
within Linux, the Windows actually runs better as it only uses generic 
drivers to run I.E. Graphics, network etc I use Virtualbox by SUN it is 
in the repo's & is a dream to use. If you want USB support in Windows 
you will have to install it from the SUN site but that is easy too.


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