Compressing files with Ubuntu 9.04

Karl Bowden karlbowden at
Mon Jun 15 08:26:45 BST 2009

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 5:21 PM, Daniel Mons<daniel.mons at> wrote:
> Geoffrey Combes wrote:
>> I presume that there are commands for compressing (zipping) files
>> individually.
>> However is there a Linux software package like Winzip for use with Ubuntu?
>> Geoffrey Combes
> "File Roller" is built into GNOME (the default desktop with Ubuntu).
> You can simply right-click on selected files to add them to an archive.
>  Likewise double-clicking on an existing archive will open it up and
> allow you to decompress the contents.
> If you need support for other compression types, install the following
> packages via your package manager:
> unrar (RAR support)
> p7zip (7-Zip support)
> zip, unzip (PKZip format)
> Once they're installed, File Roller will pick them up as valid
> (de)compression options.
> -Dan

Dan is right, Archive Manager I refered to in my email is just the
'friendly' menu name for file-roller. We are refering to the same

- Karl

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