ext3 partition on a windows drive common to 32bit and 64bit?

Callan Davies callan at cruzn.net.au
Fri Jan 16 04:41:23 GMT 2009

> May I ask the advantage of putting it in /mnt or /media over leaving it
> in / (in root it doesn't show an icon)?
> Is it 'better' in the sense of 'nix convention or is there another
> advantage? I tend toward /home being better but only if I can overcome
> the icon.

Hi Dave,

I guess from a functionality perspective, there's not really a lot of 
where you put it.

But from a tradition and correctness perspective, /mnt/something or more
recently, /media/something would be considered better.

You could mount it in /home/something too, per previous posts. I hadn't 
heard of
that before. At initial glance I'm not a fan of the idea as it makes 
sharing the
folder between multiple users a little dirty, and I guess in the 
unlikely event
that you deleted your user account and deleted the home directory, I'm 
not sure
if that would cause all the files on your mounted filesystem to also be 

I guess what I'm saying is, my opinion, if you can do /mnt/something 
and not get
the icon, great. Else you might have to keep doing what you're already 
doing :)


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