Wireless Modem Problems #4

Joel Addison jaddi27 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 12:21:15 GMT 2009

Hi Michael,


I think you will find that the autorun.inf file you are currently using is
not the driver file, but instead a file that Windows uses to autorun a cd.


I would check the cd for another file ending in '.inf', which will be most
likely the driver file.


Hopefully that helps,




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Hi The List, 

I hope this is not too boring, but I can only hope that someone can provide
a clue towards fixing the problem.


As in #3, the three ndiswrapper packages required were successfully
installed in sequence. 

These were: 





The only one missing is ndiswrapper-source_1.8-Oubuntu2_all.deb, but that
looks like it could be source code only.


A fourth attempt to use the new application to install the drivers for the
modem was carefully observed and the following occured:

System > Admin > Wireless Network Drivers > Install New Driver > "Select inf
file" ("Autorun.inf" found in Optus file). 

The "+ Install Drivers" label gains a second fine border inside the outer

Hard disk activity ceases for more than ten minutes, then there is a flurry
of acrivity for a few seconds and then nothing for at least another ten
minutes. At around that time the fine border was deleted - but no driver was
recorded in the list.

Checking to see if I could open wireless communication I was confronted with
the information "No Driver Found."


It certainly looks as if the software is not doing what it should which is
to run the drivers natively, as they would in Windows. And that looks like a
bug to me!


Suggestions for the next phase?




Mike H



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