Wireless Modem Problems.

Michael Harold mike.harold at optusnet.com.au
Mon Jan 12 11:46:27 GMT 2009

Hi The List,

Lisa. Many thanks again! series of installs worked just fine - even did a full shut down and restart in between the three of them just for the hell of it.

The inf file required was found in the Optus supplied Windows aplication - Autorun.inf. This is eventually loaded and some forms filled in.

Sadly, trying to get the modem to initiate failed. Even going back through Wireless Network Drivers to "Currently Installed Windows Drivers" - the box was empty.

Optus Wireless - File Browser was full of files including Autorun.exe. It also had a flag saying there was software and "Open Autorun Prompt". Clicking on that only brought up "Error Autorunning Software - Cannot find the Autorun Program."

Ah well - not quite back where we started - but not a lot further.


Mike H
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