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Mon Jan 5 12:46:46 GMT 2009

Hi Anthony

Gramps 3.0.1 is available at Ubuntu Intrepid's repository. Version 3.0.4 has
also been released and can be downloaded from the official site (

I haven't used Geni yet but, by my readings, it seems to run well on any web
browser with flash support installed.

A few links related to Gramps/Geni are listed below:


On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 4:50 PM, Anthony J. Brow <tbrow at>wrote:

>  Omniwoof, thank you for the tip on Yes I have tried that, It may
> run well in Microsoft, but is useless
> in Ubuntu. In my opinion, publishing one's family genealogy on the net
> should be done *after *one is finished
> and after it has been checked for errors.
> This can be done with Gramps as well. But surely, there must be other
> people on this list, that use Gramps.
> Please let me know how it runs for you and if you have any problems.
> Thanks
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> Anthony J. Brow <tbrow at>
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