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Fri Dec 18 02:33:18 GMT 2009

except my own here, I find the difficulty in getting any answers to
simple questions a problem. To me that indicates not enough people
know the answers and the people who should also don't know the

I found a problem and followed the current "procedure" by telling the
list what the problem was. I spelled it out in plain and simple
language, it was even set out in a numbered list with only 2 sentences
yet it come back only the other day that it was to difficult to
understand. I myself don't see any difficulty when someone says Google
List that it means Google list. I felt that the reply was a cop out
and an attempt to blame the person who reported the problem for
someone else's inaction or inability to understand the words in the
1st sentence. I offered to fix the issue if someone would just let me,
I found the owner of the Google group list and thought about emailing
him/her about the issue but it was obvious they weren't reading the
digest so why would they even open an email from someone they don't
know and that would also probably end up in their spam box anyway.
Anyone and everyone can throw that back at me if you want as a sign of
my inaction but lets be frank the Ubuntu-AU site says the Google list
is moderated yet it is obvious that it hasn't been for a very long

That is just 1 example, I don't feel the need to give any more. I have
quite literally had enough of being told just get up and do it as I
have been trying to. So the question I would ask you is apart from
following the currently recognised "procedure" what should I have
done? Don't worry about answering that here, I'm happy to have a
private message so this doesn't end up being a public argument.


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