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AndrewG gandella at
Tue Dec 15 07:23:13 GMT 2009

Yes Scott, we need to start at the grass roots level, given the
resources available to Ubuntu-au.

I subscribe to the ubuntu-marketing email list
and they talk about this stuff all of the time.

The Danish loco team recently had a stall in a shopping centre, giving
demos to shoppers.
This is the type of thing is what we need to do.



On Dec 15, 9:35 am, Scott Evans <sc... at> wrote:
> I'm wondering if the idea is being taken the wrong way...
> Is it so important to have them using ubuntu? or is it better that they
> know of ubuntu? because in a perfect world we would have both! but in
> the real world I think its only going to be achievable to have one at
> this stage.  Whilst Microsoft spends millions on advertising/vendor
> incentives then it will always be an uphill battle! to add that with no
> official funding as such to even compete (and it would be pointless to
> even bother!) then word of mouth is our best weapon against the giant!
> and certainly targeting local on-line access centres, adult-Ed etc...
> would be by far more eventful than a full page spread in a daily rag!
> my 2 cents worth! :-)
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