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Mon Dec 14 13:20:02 GMT 2009

cross 2 drives.=A0 GRUB2 seems to be rather buggy.=A0 <br><br>I have found =
that GRUB2 is intolerably slow when reading across 2 hard drives.<br><br>Yo=
u may find a solution if you do a clean install of 9.10 - although I cannot=
 promise that.<br>

<br>I have abandoned 9.10 (except in VirtualBox and in the Netbook Remix fo=
r the Eee PCs).<br><br>There is plenty about this on the net.<br><br>Andre<=
br><br><br><br><br><div class=3D"gmail_quote">2009/12/14 Paul Gear <span di=
r=3D"ltr">&lt;<a href=3D"mailto:paul at" target=3D"_blank">p=
aul at</a>&gt;</span><br>

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Chris Taylor wrote:
<blockquote type=3D"cite">
  <pre>On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 12:58:55 +1000, Paul Gear wrote:

  <blockquote type=3D"cite">
    <pre>Chris Taylor wrote:
    <blockquote type=3D"cite">
      <pre>I get this message now and again when I start my computer &quot;=
Error 18
Selected cylinders exceeds maximum supported by BIOS. can anyone help
  <pre>  </pre>
  <blockquote type=3D"cite">
    <pre>If it only happens intermittently, you may have a hardware problem=
causes the hard disk to report the wrong number of cylinders.

  <pre>Thanks for your input Paul
This only started to happen after doing a online upgrade to 9.10 from=20

Was thinking of doing clean install with 9.10 any thoughts?</pre>
My knowledge on this is not comprehensive, but would expect a clean
install to have no effect.=A0 Perhaps a grub reinstall might help, but i
doubt that even.<br>
Most likely it is something to do with your hardware or BIOS settings.=A0
Did you change your SATA settings?=A0 Some BIOSes allow selection of EHCI
or ATA emulation, and one might work better than the other for you.<br>

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